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Erasmus higher education

The 3 cycles of Higher Vocational Training that are taught in the CIFP Son Llebre are covered by LOE (Organic Law of Education 2/2006, of May 3.

Each of the formative cycles is governed by a Royal decree that establishes the corresponding title and an Order that establishes the corresponding curriculum.

Within the framework established by the LOE, and belonging to the Professional Family of Sociocultural Services and the community, the titles taught in this center are: Superior Technician in Social Integration, Superior Technician in Communicative Mediation and Superior Technician in Promotion of Gender Equality.

Each of the 3 higher education cycles is structured in two academic courses, with a total duration of 2000 hours, between theoretical and practical training.

Throughout the first year and during the first two terms of the second year, the students carry out a theoretical and practical training in the educational center.

In the third term of the second year, once students have successfully passed all the theoretical-practical modules in the educational center, they will have access at the Training in Work Centers with a duration of 400 hours of working practices in companies related to the professional sector


In the Royal Decree establishing each of the titles of Higher Technician, in order to facilitate the recognition between the titles of superior technician and the teaching leading to university degrees and vice versa, establishes the equivalence of each professional module with ECTS European credits.

Superior technician in social integration SSC33
Superior Technician in Communicative Mediation SSC34
Superior Technician in Gender Equality Promotion SSC35